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The veil has been lifted from Wild Star's PvP and endgame content, we know that there's a variety of ways in which players will be able to compete with one another. Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Warplots all open up to players at different stages of the game and can even be enjoyed as a leveling experience.

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Arenas are essentially small group skirmishes that follow a 'fight to the death' type of format. The specific map layouts and the synergy of abilities between members of a team become the catalysts for the strategies in arena PvP. This is opposed to trying to simply mob up the most people into one place and use the power of numbers for victory, as often happens with larger matchups.

Arenas are the part of MMOs that lend themselves best to be considered for e-sport status and Carbine seems to be pushing for that in Wild star. Wild star arenas will include spectator modes, roving cameras to watch the action, web-based leaderboards, and support for video streaming tools. The combatants will even be able to see the player spectators in the stands, which will give all of us a chance to see who's got stage fright and who comes alive under the spotlight.

The concern is that arenas can become the end-all of PvP, with all other formats being considered a side game, or junior-level. I'm not going to spend any time worrying about that though, since there are already other interesting PvP options announced and I highly doubt the developers would spend so much effort on game play designed to be second-rate.