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Staying in the Wilderness to gain more runescape golds

If you are interested in the game runescape ,you can visit our site.You can not only buy runescape golds to play games ,but also can you read some interesting stories.Today I will introdudce Wildy Tag.

In Wildy Tag, players would be rewarded for traversing the Wilderness tagging their assigned posts, rather like the Brimhaven Agility Arena on a larger scale. Rather than giving out huge amounts of XP, as was suggested back in 2006, the taggers could collect item rewards as they go, so that PKers would have something to loot if they killed a tagger.

This was intended to give PKers more targets to kill, or encourage an escalating cycle of PKers hunting the PKers who hunting the taggers.
Jagex will restrict the game to a couple of worlds, and confiscate the loot if the tagger tries to escape by hiding offline or switching worlds. Some players have commented that they don't want the old-school Wilderness filled up with weird posts and junk for minigames.

Jagex would therefore try to avoid the minigame having this sort of impact by spawning its scenery only on worlds where it needs to exist, among other techniques.The original reward was going to be combat XP each time you tagged a post.

But Jagex think that perhaps it would be more interesting if the posts gave out tokens that could be exchanged for runescape 2007 gold or other material rewards instead, so that PKers would have something to loot, and to make the increase in the rewards more exciting. Imagine facing the decision of handing in your tokens now for 500k, or staying in the Wilderness to risk it all whilst going for 1 more post to double it and get the million!