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How to get the Outlaw Island Token in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you can collect 95 island tokens. These island tokens are often collected and turned into an NPC in Order, the Lonely Island. Compiling all 95 island tokens will receive various rewards, including stat potions, skill point potions, vehicles, etc.



Outlaw Isle is a PvP island open at any time. The outlaw island token can be obtained using the RNG method. When trying to get this Lost Ark token, you may notice that some players are trying to fight each other. Try to avoid them when getting a permit.



Here is the location of Outlaw Island:


Outlaw Island itself is a tiny island with not much to do. However, there are several treasure chests on this tiny island, and these chests give you a chance to collect an island token. Every time you open a Treasure Chest in Outlaw Island, you have an opportunity to receive an Outlaw Island Token.


Due to how small the island is, you can compete with other players to collect chests, as they appear in small numbers and not very often. If you want to avoid conflict, you can place Bifrost here and come back later when it's not complete.


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