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Aura Kingdom Money Making Guide

Making money in Aura Kingdom is one important aspect as gold makes the world go around. You need gold to purchase potions, recipes, and reset your stats. Below are all the methods to help you earn more gold in the game. We will hit on some of the most important factors to help you get the most out of your game play.


Market Playing and Trading
One way to make money in any MMORPG including Aura Kingdom is to play the role of the merchant. You can always buy low and sell high if you have an idea of how the online market is going. If you can turn a profit after buying and selling, you make instant gold in the game. Being a merchant requires patience, timing, and the ability to know the Aura Kingdom item prices.The idea is that you want to focus on buying the things that other people usually need or sell the items that you have obtained yourself throughout the course of your game play.There are mainly three ways for you to peddle your goods in Aura Kingdom. We will discuss each of these trading methods in detail:
1.Auction House
The Auction House NPC is found in Navea or through your Guide House.The auction house is labeled with the $ sign on yout mini map .Below is a list of things that u can trade within the Auction House screen
2.Trade Chat Trading
If u notice the chat screens, u will usually see people buying and selling for items.U can use that as an additional channel to vend off your gear.Sometimes it may work in your favor to pick up items for cheap.To link to the item in the Trade Channel,use Alt+Left Mouse click on the item
3.Stall Vendoring
You can set up personal stalls in the market of Navea.The best way to do it is to have another computer or simply leave your character on the AFK when u are not playing.

Cash Shop Item Selling
This method requires you to purchase cash shop items with Aeria Points and then resell those for Aura Kingdom gold. Pick out certain items that are always in demand such as the 10-slot backpack. Another way is to search for people who are looking to “buy AP”. Contact them via trade channels to see how much AP you can convert into in game gold that way. Make sure to not sell non-tradeable items as it will require you to “send” them the item which you may get scammed.

Dungeon Grinding
Dungeon grinding is one of the most straight-forward way to gain more gold and silver in Aura Kingdom. There are mainly four things to keep in mind that you can get from grinding the dungeons: Easily put, simply cycle through the Hell dungeons of the top 5 dungeons within your server’s level cap first, then work on the hard versions when you have more time to play.

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